3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Monday 22 January 1917 – march around Fremantle, WA chaps on board

Route march in Fremantle streets ~ visited the Gilmours ~ dinner at Cabin Tea Rooms

HMAT Bulla, Fremantle
Monday 22 January 1917

Dear Dork

It’s almost time for our bus to sail again & I may get this off – I don’t know. There’s a chance of some one posting for me after we leave.

I’ve been pretty lucky: we were not allowed any leave for all our expectations but we were taken out for a route march around Fremantle Streets – marched up near Gilmours & broken off for 10 minutes to get a drink! I cut for my life and found Mr G and Jean at home. He walked back with me & soon met us again with Mr Lamb – who has a tennis court you know – and after a bit of waiting they got me off for an hour or more. We arranged to meet at the Cabin Tea rooms for dinner.

I went with Mr Lamb to his office & rang up a few – Mrs Carey, Dot McLennan, Mrs Harry – but the latter was not at home, all away on holiday at Busselton – & later went to the CBA [Commercial Bank of Australia] Fremantle & rang up Bourkie in Perth office.

Then we had dinner, Mr G, Mr Lamb, Jean & I & as soon as had finished Mrs G & Miss Ashton & Ron Thompson appeared. Nellie T is away for a week or so at Wagin for a holiday. They gave me some fruit, cake etc to bring back & saw me off at the wharf whence we were ‘motored’ across to the Bulla here – out a bit from the wharf & we are still waiting to go. The WA chaps are on board & all is ready I think – so I’ll duck up and try to find a ‘cobber’ to post this for me.

Goodbye to all of yez.