3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Friday 16 March 1917 – riding out, mapping tour

Good crops at home ~ out riding for a week replacing sick colleague ~ mapping and road reading tour ~ good to see the country ~ out with Lieut Hamilton, a jolly decent sort

Friday Aftie
16 March 1917

Good Day Mack

Pleased to see you again. I see now that you really are at ‘Wooder’ [Woodville] still: that’s jolly good luck. No doubt I’m a ‘stoopid’ as Jean says – but so long as I get her letters, what does that matter? She & Aunt Soph evidently liked the photos all right, so that’s good. Don’t forget to tell me about Hoolie’s & if you get any more – there’s plenty of 2/-’s a day to pay for them by this I expect.

This paper is slightly worn but that’s nothing – it’s been too long in my packet & I haven’t much left here today so it’s got to do the best it can.


It’s quite interesting I should think, having Vere S to help you teach & your old pal Eva (Gust) Ayliffe also in the school. You certainly had a fine picnic – very interesting I’m sure seeing all the people looking peggish – for those who were well you all were lucky in keeping OK. No-one said anything of Mother – was she not there? Guess she stayed at home (my pen has run dry again – I couldn’t have filled it properly). Judging by Aunt Clara’s & Jean’s letters they are all striking pretty good crops this season. Vince too – that’s good luck. Aunt C said he couldn’t get bags to put his stuff in – that’s tough.

You have gathered by Sally or Dork’s letters that I have been out riding this week. It came about this way – the chap detailed for the job was feeling sick & asked me to go in his place. I was pleased to do it & so was on till yesterday eve (Thursday). My work was easy enough – I had decent horse & had to ride round with a party of about 15 or 16 officers & NCOs & at each stop hold a few of their horses. There were always 3 or 4 of us horse holding – Roy Hicks, 9th LH was out one day. The party was out on a mapping and country road reading tour each day. Perhaps we would work out only a mile or two & again we would go 6 or 8 miles out, take dinner with us & sit down anywhere – in shelter of an old wall or amongst a bunch of palms to eat it. It was all right to have a look at the country round about, most interesting for those of us who had not been out at all before.

I was out with Lieut Hamilton, a son of Dr TKH. This chap is a jolly decent sort. He was telling me he came over as a Private at the first go off – knew Perce Smith & Frank Roennfeldt. He said when I told him I come from Laura ‘I guess my father knew your father’. I said I was sure of that.

This pencil is a rotter – hope you can read this rotten scrawl.

Pip pip.


This is the sort of pass we used to get at Moascar to go into town, Ismailia. This was given me on the day Fred Hollis & his mates arrived & we hurried back to camp about 8 o’clock to meet the train