3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Sunday 8 April 1917 – Easter, rotten running of the army

Birthday wishes to Mother & Father ~ sending cushion cover to Mother ~ played piano at YM ~ rotten running of the army ~ Easter church service


Sunday 8 April 1917

Dear Mother & Father

Here’s just a note to put in with Dorry’s letter: hope it will arrive in time next month to wish you each ‘many happy returns’ of the 16th and 20th May respectively. Mother may not care much for the look of the ‘cushion cover’ – as the fellows call it – which I’m sending along in Lic’s parcel but it’s like the other things – just something to look at, not much good, I guess but never mind.

In that line along the bottom some chaps put funny inscriptions – like ‘To darling Bridget from her loving Algernon!’ & such like – as if Bridget would not be able to remember whose present it was. I’m chancing that in this case & told the old chap to write in ‘3LH’ instead – just to fill it up.


Dorc is going to get something for Father! Haven’t seen anything here for him yet.

We had nothing special to do last night – I strolled over to the YM & as no-one was on the piano I went & banged all I could remember. Someone else soon got going after I left & kept this noise up. The best players here are those that can play ‘The Broken Doll’ or ‘Tipperary’ etc! Tho some play jolly decently.

I came back here early (to the tent) & started reading ‘TheWay of the Eagle’ till bed time – or rather ‘lights out’ while all the time a great discussion was going on re the rotten running of the army. We reckon we have been here nearly 2 months & have scarcely done anything worth while, if they would teach us something about the proper job it would be some sense & keep the chaps content. I’m not here to worry anyway & don’t; my advice is to give your imagination a chance and think you are at a SS [Sunday School] picnic!

Today – I remember should be SS anniversary at Laura – wish I could be there tomorrow. We had church this am as usual – a good big crowd there – Easter service. Think we will probably go out this aftie if our leave comes through. Sunday seems the only day to get out of here – & even if you stay about in Sunday there are jobs always knocking about or guards etc.

Thank you for fixing up that insurance & Lodge. Hope the collection of my ‘salary’ (!) is not too much trouble. Glad you had some more photos fixed up & gave Mrs Halliday one she liked better. I mentioned something about photos in one of my ‘Bulla’ letters but you got in early. The girls can get some of those others if they would like ‘em. I’ll pay. Mail due in tomorrow I believe.

Good bye for this trip.

Love from Spence