3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Sunday 15 April 1917 – about to go north

Shooting practice ~ swimming parade ~ days getting warmer ~ packing up to go out ~ cleared by doctor


Sunday 15 April 1917

Dear Father

It’s quite early – no-one about yet except a noisy airman: there will soon be more of them buzzing around. Instead of getting up at 5.30 – it is about 6 on Sunday mornings – they let us sleep in you see, as there is nothing much to do.

My missing letters came to light all right after 2 days – last Wednesday: yours & Mack’s, Dorc’s & one from Donie. I don’t know just when I might be able to post my next letter – so I’m making sure of a note at least to tell you Lance & I are off to see Herb, Jack & co this morning. Les & Frank went on Thursday morning so that’s our 8 all out. We don’t need to be ready for 3 hours yet – at 8.30 & train goes about 10 I think so there’s still plenty of time; don’t know how long we may take to catch the other fellows – maybe about 24 hours – including stops – or it may be longer: we take a bit of tucker with us.


I met a chap here last night – he was looking for Lance Neville & I thought I knew his face But I didn’t know his name: he turned out to be Swanbury & says he was in the P Office & was stationed at Kilkenny for 2 years as postman. Course he knows our place & had taken letters there plenty of times. I guess that’s where I’ve seen him before.

We have had an odd week altogether. Went out shooting again after Monday. Both on Wednesday & yesterday (Saturday) mornings: on Wednesday afternoon – having nothing special for us to do the ‘heads’ took us to the lake for a swimming parade which was just ripping cos it’s starting too get warm now & again in the day time. I’d have enjoyed a swim yesterday again, but as I didn’t hear of this ‘trip’ till we arrived back at dinner time from the bulls, I had plenty to do cleaning up a bit, sorting out the stuff I want to take & packing that in one bag, & the unnecessary in the other bag which stays here for reference when we need it.

I also took down a cable to the PO which I hope will get away quickly – possibly by this weekend batch – just stated ‘Letters received, feeling fit’: I might also have inserted ‘cable’ if I’d thought, so as you’d know sooner that I’ve had it but you’ll soon know by my letters I guess. I didn’t mention the parcel cos I have not yet received it: don’t think it could have come by the last mail; no doubt it will arrive by the next lot & will be sent on to me: all the better fun opening it out there! I know 2 of the chaps in the post office & they’ll look out for my stuff & send it along.

Well I must get up & perhaps add a little later on: think I’ll go for a cold bath: may get plenty of baths up ahead or perhaps swims in the sea but I don’t know so I’ll make sure of this one. There’s reveille going now so I’ve just half an hour to go before ‘fall in’. I have not been examined by the Doc but he passed me alright 3 weeks ago when we thought we were going, so I should not be stopped now for anything. I’m all right in any case.

No time for more now – passed the Doc all right – off in a few minutes.



I’ll write as soon as possible & post at first chance.