3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Tuesday 24 April 1917 – will probably travel all night in open truck

Sitting on the station on our blankets ~ 48 hours rations in our knapsacks ~ will probably travel all night ~ packed in high-sided open truck ~ expect to be met at rail head tomorrow with horses


Incomplete letter – first 2 pages missing
Date probably 24 April 1917

Page 3 …

That first sheet is a beauty isn’t it? Tell me if you get this allright – I’m going to give it to a chap to post here for me & it ought to be alright & it may catch a mail that I’ll miss from further north wherever the next PO may be.

We are all sitting round on & about the station here on our blankets: the latter are rolled – 2 of ’em & water sheet – & contain all our spare stuff – beside what we stand in & the harness we carry. Spare stuff consists of shaving stuff, shirt & singlets, 6 pairs socks, Bennies ‘ant-killer’ stuff, 6 hanks & Miss Groves’ sewing kit. I think that’s about all. I have a nice light ring bit which I got t’other day in Cairo to take the place of the great heavy curb bits which they give us. I’m carrying my pens etc, diary, bit of paper & few envelopes in my pockets & my photo case – you bet & bible & few old letters.

We all have 48 hours rations (2 loaves bread & 2 tins of dory) in our knapsacks – & I don’t know of much else. Tonight we will probably travel all night – we are about 25 packed in each high-sided open truck: bonz! So we ought to be comfie – don’t you think? Nobody is caring anyway – I guess we’ll get on all right.

Expect to be met at rail head tomorrow with horses – that’s why we can’t carry much stuff. The rest is all packed in a kit bag & left where we were camped. We may be able to get stuff as we want it later on: you asked about socks – so far I’ve only thrown away one pair & am leaving some behind of course. But as I may not be able to get at them easily you can send a couple of pairs now & again if you like – & they’ll keep me going. I guess I’m all right for ordinary clothes: hanks may run short after a while.

I can’t say about tucker yet – but I don’t think you had better try to send too much of that. A few almonds & a tin of cocoa now & again would be easiest for you & best acceptable here perhaps.

Nearly time for us to start I think so I’ll hand this over to someone to post for me.

Love to all, Spence