3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

April 1917 – various enclosures

The letter posted in April 2017 contained various items collected by Spencer – a newspaper cutting; a Field Service Postcard; a tag that was attached to a pair of socks sent by the 3rd Light Horse Comforts Fund, Glenelg; a train ticket from a trip to Cairo; a card from a chocolate bought at YMCA canteen

Don’t often get a paper here. I’m putting in all sorts of rubbish this trip – they may interest you tho; then chuck ’em out
See that advertisement of the ‘Kursaal’? This is the play ‘Carry On’ we saw when we went that night in Cairo. ‘AT THE KURSAAL – The joyful revue ‘Carry On’ has now entered into the second phase of its career and as superlatives fail us the simple “better” is the only word to use. This jolly revue has all the cream of jests and wit, is played well and the music is considerably more than good. A new scene, an “Exposition Humoristique” is being prepared and will add yet more fun and laughter.’
OHMS Field Service Postcard: To – Rgtl No 3064; Rank Pte; Name HS Kentish; Unit 3rd LH Regt; Address AIF
Your letter-card is to hand on the 16 April 1917 and the information it contained has been duly noted. Your week-end cablegram to Kentish, Kilkenny SA has been prepared and will be despatched on the 16 April 1917. That portion of your letter-card dealing with mail had been handed to the Base Post Office, and your letters, papers and other mail matter will be forwarded to you immediately. Do no neglect to send me another letter-card as soon as you change your address. VCM Sellheim, Brigadier-General, Commandant, The Australian Imperial Force Headquarters, Cairo
3rd Light Horse Trench Comforts Fund, Glenelg: Verdict of recipient of the socks: ‘Well, tell ’em they’re very comfortable’
Chocolat Maestrani
Bought at El Belah on Monday 30-4-1917 at YMCA canteen. Wish we had your parcel & chocolates here now
Egyptian State Railway, Coaching Miscellaneous Receipt


Goodness only knows the meaning of the hieroglyphics on the other side of this paper but it was good enough to get Lance & me to Cairo one day – so we won’t quarrel about it