3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Tuesday 21 August 1917 – going for a swim

Tuesday 21 August 1917

Dear Mack

Just in case my letter to you dated yesterday doesn’t arrive – You’ll kindly note that we are at the beach in identically the same spot as last time & it’s pretty good. I’m just going in now for a swim – had one already this morning before ‘podge’.

The sea is singing out a bit today – nice & bouncy, not to say rough: a’right.

I’m enclosing a bit of a Gyppo mail – you may be interested to read of some of the by gone doings of the ‘picnicers’ (don’t mistake for pioneers!).

Good day the noo. Coming in for a swim?

Hooroo, Spence

Couldn’t find that cable form to put in last night – it’s nothing anyway. You bet I’ll ‘keep going’.