3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Tuesday 11 December 1917 – dealing with horses in the mud

Has been raining ~ keeping dry under bivvie sheet ~ dealing with horses in the mud but no fighting at the moment ~ gives an idea of what France must be like ~ issued Xmas cards but too late to send them


Tuesday 11 December 1917

Dear Dorc

Not much today tho its mesel’ as owes it to ye. It’s nine days since I posted my last letter – I think to Mack – no excuse much for not writing ealier this trip except that we have been busy moving once & dodging big drops of rain most days lately. Thanks be it’s fine today.

On Sunday I was away nearly all day on a job getting tibbin (sort of straw-chaff) & it rained all day so of course I was a’f wet by the time I got back to camp. Moody was also on the job with us. As luck has it we were issued last week with a bivvie sheet each & two of these make a fair dry little humpy for two men, so we have kept a couple of square yards of earth dry under our roof – to camp on at night (two or three Taubes [German aircraft] just flying over – hope they don’t lay eggs). Also kept my blanket pretty dry so might a bin wuss [might have been worse] – good.

We only had 2 or 3 wet nights out on cossack post – or have had I should say up to date – they were very misquiess & I guess during the next month or two we will have plenty like them.

It’s bonz – I tell you – mucking around with the horses & everything when it’s mud – not sand underneath & still raining on top (just starts to give us an idea of what France must be like), specially when there’s no fire to warm your toes on or dry clothes to get into. But we are doing A1, jolly fine, splendid & not fighting just for a minute or so. My spare socks have come in jolly handy I tell you – I kept a couple of pairs dry to wear at night.

Don’t know whether our cable has been sent yet – I guess it has – cos now Jack Hardwicke has gone back too with a bit of a hang – may be poisoned – a bit swollen you know & useless for the time out here, so he may have sent one, but I also wrote to Frank Jones & asked him to send one for us so between the lot you should hear soon.

Les, Lance & Herb are still going strong – so am I of course. By the way I had that hank all right by the last mail – about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Mother posted it by itself in an envelope – came in just right too. They seem to slip away here & there somehow & get used for all sorts of things – washup cloths or rifle cleaners etc.

We were each presented with a card the other day – paid for out of Regiment funds or somesich! Supposed to be Xmas cards but it’s too late to send ‘em for Xmas – so I’ll send mine for sometime 1918. (Sending card under separate cover today.) They might have put at least a bit more sensible looking faces on the soldiers’ bully biscuits! No doubt it’s a very apt picture – as our last2 month here could testify tho we are now getting a bit of white bread issued occasionally

It’s time to go to water & groom our horses so pip pip the noo – hope you’ve been winning in exams lately.

Love to all


Tibbin stack (feed for horses) – location unspecified