3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Friday 15 February 1918 – parcel from Perth, lousey sands of Ashdod

Parcel from Perth Baptist Comfort League ~ not troubled by lice except in the last month in the ‘lousey’ sands of Ashdod when everyone got them ~ some chaps too tired to wash clothes and body


15 February 1918

Dear Father

Our GPO comes down in an hour & I don’t know when it will next be reared so I will get a wee bit note in.

I posted to Licko two or three days ago & a fortnight ago one to Mother from Belah [Deir al-Balah] on the way home from leave. I told Lick about getting the parcel & cake from home but I don’t think I said anything about a parcel from Perth Bap Comforts League. In it were some sweets, almonds etc & a woollen scull cap & a thin singlet. This little cap is just the thing for sticking on first thing in the morning this cold weather & the singlet of course is goodO: it is particularly barren sort of stuff for the housing of extra ‘boarders’ [lice] – & if by any chance one did sneak in he could be easily detected & caught.


Dorc was asking about these gentlemen in a recent letter. Well – I have not been troubled at all with them – except during last month. We moved just after Xmas to the lousy sands of Ezdud or Ashdod, & there I think nearly everyone had ’em. But I lost them at Port Said & haven’t reopened my rooms yet. I think some chaps are too tired to wash their clothes & their bodies so therefore they ask for trouble. Some chaps who try to keep clean have the bad luck to get ’em all the same.

I’ve just been detailed for a shovel job till 9 o’clock – so finish letter. I’ve written a fine interesting letter haven’t I? But if I don’t post now I’ll miss. Weather is bonny just now – country getting lovely & green all round.

I’ll enclose another of my photos – also one of Dick Ridge – the 1st Regiment chap who was with us. He is wearing my hat in his photo. Elliot Goodger is going home – believe he is now on his way.

Good bye


I told you about Harry Hancock I think. He is on his way home & may go to see you – very thin & pretty tall – & nothing to look at, but one of the best chaps I’ve met out here & a great sticker. He only went to hospital when he absolutely could not walk a step further & he reckons now that he won’t stop at home but will be back in camp & on the way back to the Regiment when he has had a few weeks holiday & rest.

Must go to work.

Love to all