3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Monday 15 April 1918 – will buy Indian motorbike & Lipp piano

Monday 15 April 1918

Dear Lickadoo

So you’re learning ‘Mensa mensam’ are you? How is ‘Mons’ getting on? Is he the ‘awful teacher whose temper bursts at nothing’ of whom you told me? Perhaps he or she has changed or improved before now. You’re lucky having Mary Hartley going to WHS [Woodville High School] cos I s’pose you go down together! Do you ride the bikes or walk? I hope you had a good time & played well in the tennis tourney. Good on you for being picked to play anyway. What fun if I hear in the next mail that you have won the tourney.

Hurt isn’t the only one who would like to stay for Sunday dinner – to have a bite of ‘chook’ or a piece of American pudding like you had the day Ray & Joy & Jack went down: they are lucky in getting as good a ‘grandmother’ as Mrs Knowles to look after them. I remember the time when she used to tell me to be careful & keep clean when I climbed their mulberry tree at Laura – or she would protest – ‘Oh he should wait till after dinner – he’ll spoil his appletight.’ But I don’t remember ever doing that with mulberries. Wish I could try now.

Good old Jeff for writing a ‘lovey’ letter once in a blue moon to Ruth – to keep her from moping eh? You better not laugh if the war doesn’t stop in the next seven years or so your boy might have to go too!

Eh Lic – do you still learn French? Please tell me the meaning of n’est ce pas. I’m such an ignorant poor old stoopid soldier you see – I don’t know.

I’m not writing to you this time at all – I’m writing to Father – this is just a bit of backsheesh! Eh did you ever get that letter in which I told you to get my old grid mended so you could ride it? Don’t forget to oil will you? – not that I think I’ll want to push it far when I come home – I’ll be too lazy for such hard work. If the war keeps going long enough I’ll buy an Indian motor bike & a Lipp piano with my 1/- a day deferred pay so I hope it doesn’t stop yet a bit, don’t you?

Well as I’m writing to Father & not to you – only answering your letters of 27th January & 26th February – I’ll stop – knock on the wall when you’re asleep!

Hi hi