3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Tuesday 16 April 1918 – parcels from home, war as good as over

Received parcel from home ~ tinned pears, Ideal milk, chocolate, butter scotch, peanuts, sardines & meat paste ~ most fellows reckon the war is as good as over


On the Hump
Tuesday 16 April 1918

Dear all of you,

Didn’t get a chance to post my letter yesterday, so here’s a note to tell you that the parcels have arrived & I scored two – one from home & one from Aunt Edith & Co – goodie – good! Had a tin of pears to top up at dinner time between four of us (from Aunt Ede’s parcel) with a tin of Ideal milk tipped on top – which was very nice. There were also some chocs, butter scotch, peanuts, sardines & meat paste. Then I heard that another parcel was at B Squadron for me – & on enquiry found your big one with socks, comforter, hanks (flash ones too), home made raisins & figs (quiessketir) & almonds & butter scotch & shortbread & coffee & milk & a tin of peaches – there’s a mouthful for you & I’m nearly out of breath with writing it all.

The fruit is the best thing going this hot weather – we are all a bit off our tucker & a nice tasty bite is very acceptable. We’ll have the peaches for dinner tomorrow if all goes well. So I’ve kept up my birthday you see again – 2 weeks late. It’s Len’s & Hurt’s 21st today. I wonder if Hurt has gone home for the occasion. Good luck to him if he goes into camp – but I hope the termination of the war will prevent his having the joy of leaving Australia.

Les reckons he will wait till the end of the year –  but if it is still on – he must come then! Surely he’ll never be needed. Most fellows reckon the war is as good as over now – the only thing now is for the fighting to stop. There is to be no cheering in the front line when peace is declared – in case some silly beggar gets excited & fires off his rifle by mistake & starts it all over again! But that’s apart from the subject. I was goin’ to say thank you very much for the parcel – which is being much enjoyed. I’ve sampled the almonds & raisins & figs etc – & they are good. Both tins had had a bump or two – but the stuff was all in good order & condition.

If the truth were told you would find me sitting here now chewing raisins & Perce Mitchell too. The shortbread is good stuff – especially when biscuits are hard & the bread is dry. Only thing wrong – it is like Dorc’s biscuits – doesn’t last long enough: its name is very true here. Eh Dorc – how about making another batch of biscuits & putting in with another parcel sometime? Bad luck! Perhaps you won’t have time now before the war is over. And in case my water bag letters don’t arrive – please I wrote for two more to be sent & I don’t care if the war does finish before they get here. I’ll pay for ’em all the same. My present one got punctured last week one day when I had a good deal of galloping about to do. But here we are all right cos water is close & plentiful.

Good Day the noo, nearly dark – mosquitoes, crickets & frogs are starting their evening concert.