3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Monday 29 April 1918 – sending photos, visited friends, jolly good day

Sending photos ~ caught up with Wilf, Don McCurl, Curly Williams, Dave Lines who came over at the same time as us ~ visited the 10th, saw Ken Gilmour ~ rode up against Capt Holder – looks stouter than when I knew him on the Bulla ~ a jolly good day

Monday 29 April 1918
Dear Mack

This won’t count as a letter cos I haven’t time this aftie to write one – but I want to catch the GPO before it closes. I’ve been saving up a couple of my photos – also some cards which took my eye & 5 piastres in Port Said – so to make this look big I’ll put them in. Didn’t send all the photos either because I thought they might all sink, but you evidently have had the first installment by the wording of the cable – so here goes the last lot: not much good to you perhaps but no good at all to me. Don’t know why I have not sent them before.

Saw old Wilf yesterday & Don McCord, Curly Williams, Dave Lines – & others who came over with us – met a Corporal Adams from Woodville & a young Hewitt from over Torrens Road way somewhere – think he said his father used to run a dairy. Father might know the place. Found Wilf busy writing a letter home. He is looking well – same as ever. He showed me a card he had at Xmas time from Dorc & I took him a recent letter of Len’s to read. He gave me the clue to Len’s train-missing experience. I couldn’t think who the young leddy was going to be – but Wilf says it was Mavis Cordon – daughter of my old friend from footer, Secretary & gentleman, Mr Cordon.

We were wondering if Hurt knows yet the joys of AIF camp life. Guess he won’t have long in SA once he gets in. I went over to the 10th & found that Roy Dyer has not yet come out – I hoped to see him. Found a few chaps there whom I knew.

Not much time left but I came home by way of Ken Gilmour’s crowd & saw him for the first time for about 13 or 14 years – for about 5-10 minutes. He looks well but pretty thin I thought. Had no time to yarn to him. Probably Fred Hollis & some other Laura boys were not far away from there but I didn’t have time to look for them. Rode right up against Captain Holder tho & knew him on the spot; he looks stouter than when I knew him on the Bulla. He remembered me – to my surprise – & we enjoyed 5 mins yarn.

Altogether I had a jolly good day. Have to get along & write more another day. Wrote to Ruth last week.

Hooroo the noo – weather a bit cooler last few days & I’m feeling pretty k’right.

Love from Spence