3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Friday 21 June 1918 – letters from home

New arrivals in Egypt ~ tea – bread & gooseberry jam , tea & tin of peaches ~ letters from home

21 June 1918

Dear Anybody

Just some odds & ends – Mother was telling me about Frank Blackwell being in Egypt in the PO – I’ll have a look at Kantara when I’m down next time – think he is probably there. Yes that was the Cecil Hall who went to the West with me in 1914 – stiff luck all right.

What ho Bart Walter is a soldier eh? Good on his pluck. Glad those photos arrived all right, mine & Dick Ridge’s. I met a friend of Dick’s at the 1st the other night named Davidson – he asked me if I were related to Frank & Dave & Herb & all those: comes from Pompapiel & seems to know all about the place: went to school with the Kentish kids there.

I had a letter from Elf several days after the others had come in – her letter had evidently strayed a bit. She said she had been the previous night to Dr Duguid’s lecture & saw Father & Mother there. The Doc evidently rubbed it in all night. I showed that cutting of his remarks which Dorc sent some time ago.

Hullo – here’s tea time – I’ll finish directly. Finish tea – bread & gooseberry jam & tea & a tin of peaches – not bad!

I wrote to Norm Ford & Tommy & Coz Dave & Doc Paynter & Clarrie Jarrad [?] t’other day, lately. Still waiting for Jeff’s address – I s’pose he got his commission didn’t he Ruth?

Glad the children’s demonstration at Adelaide Oval was such a success: not much surprised Mack that at the last practice for it everything went wrong: every last practice yet was the worst – doesn’t matter what you are doing. Even such small affairs as 2 Wells SS Anniversary pracs helped to convince me of that – but it’s wonderful how things generally straighten out & go right for the dinkum thing. The maypoles must have looked A1. The last and only maypole dances I’ve seen were at Boulder at that big Methodist Church 4 days of fair in which I helped – Doll Wellington trained the SS nips in the maypole art & with coloured ribbons they looked all right. But that was only maypoles – lots of them going on the green grass would look bonz no doubt.

S’pose it’s just about mid winter holidays for schools just now. Think I’ll take a week off myself – but fair dinkum Mack I’ll fly over to Inja [India] & see you sometimes when you lob there. You’ll have to have a look at this dreadful country be4 you go home again while you are that close.

Finish – dead – finish

Hip pip