3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Saturday 13 July 1918 – enclosure – St George near Solomon’s Pools

Enclosure 13 July 1918

The original of this wonderful creation is just a stone arch – well built – which stands about 500 yards from Solomon’s Pools – 2 miles south of Bethlehem. In the little inset is a carved picture of St George stabbing the dragon & the iron flag waving above is cut to represent the same thing. I can’t find out how the monument comes to be there – but our RC padre reckons it is a hoax – you know the traditional place of the killing of the dragon is Ludd (old Lydda) near Jaffa – the abode of saints in Peter’s day but now the dirtiest hole I’ve yet seen.

Perhaps you can make something out of the inscription cut in the stone of this arch which I have copied to the best of my ability. I did it one cold day when we were camped nearby – I was on the pump so on the way back to camp from Sol’s Pools I stopped – much to Brownie’s [horse] disgust & took the copy. With the bridle rein over my arm & Brownie dancing around & cold fingers it was a bad job I made of it – but still I’ll send you what I got & you can translate it perhaps.