3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment

Saturday 21 September 1918 – war bound to be over any year now

Mack going to India ~ I’ll be home one of these days & then I’ll take over the cow business ~ the war is bound to be over any year now ~ GPO is to topple about our ears this morning, hence this hurried scrawl

Saturday 21 September 1918

Dear Mother

Had a cable last night. Good O! S’pose Mack is about in WA by now – perhaps out on the wild ocean – lucky beggar. She is travelling at the best time in all the world too, & I thought the trip was right off. Aunt Bertha & Hal wrote quite definitely that she would not be going, but I’m jolly well glad, as well as surprised to find out she is.

No doubt you won’t be able to make out what’s gone wrong with PRB without a ‘Mack’ about, still the young fry will now have a chance to show their ability in their various ways. I’ll be home one of these days myself & then I’ll take over the cow business.

Guess I’ll just about get home ahead of Mack now cos the war is bound to end any year now. Dare say you’ll be looking for a cable from me before this, but I’ve had no chances of sending one lately; & just now I can’t – but perhaps I’ll be able to send something before very long & from a bit nearer Berlin, which would be more satisfactory eh?

At present most of our old 8 are well scattered. I’ve not seen Frank J for a week or two – or Jaick H either – but I guess they are still kicking about. I saw Laff the other day, but Les, Herb, Arch & Lance are all away. The last named went away sick two days ago, also Gouldie – from the Transports. Two good stickers.

Believe our GPO is to topple about our ears this morning – hence this hurried scrawl. I’ll be writing properly one of these days when I have more time & information. If Wilf is with his crowd now I reckon he could write a decent letter – since the last day or so – s’pose we’ll get our cut before long. We are quiet up to date here.

Finish for this trip – I’m still feeing OK, bonzar.

Love from Spence